EXFO Optical Light Source FLS-300


Optical Light Source FLS-300

With up to three singlemode wavelengths on a single port, or four wavelengths (two multi mode, and two single mode) on two ports, the FLS-300 is the most versatile, complete light source available. 
An FTTx Test Solution
This product is part of EXFO’s series of FTTx optical test products. It allows for the testing of passive optical networks (PONs) at the three main wavelengths (1310, 1490 and 1550 nm) used in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks and complies with the ITU-T G.983 and G.984 Recommendation series and the IEEE 802.3ah standard. 
Auto-Wavelength Recognition
The FLS-300 Light Source can transmit with a wavelength-identification digital encrypted protocol, so that any compatible unit—the FPM-300 Power Meter and the FOT-300 Optical Loss Test Set—can automatically use the proper calibration parameters. This feature reduces the need for communication between the two technicians and decreases the potential for error. 
Distant Referencing
Signal encrypting can also give the receiving end information on the power to be used as reference, helping ensure efficient referencing, even when the two units are far apart. 
Key Features 
 • Can transmit with a wavelength-identification digital encrypted protocol so that any compatible unit can automatically use the proper calibration parameters 
 • Autonomy of 120 hours 
 • Instrument identification available in six languages 
 • Highest output power in the industry 
 • Three-year warranty and recommended calibration interval, for dramatically reduced cost of ownership 
 • Link-loss characterization 
 • Fiber identification

Part Number: FLS-300-XXXX