EXFO Visual Fault Locator FLS-140


Visual Fault Locator FLS-140
The FLS-140 is the easiest way to identify optical fibers from end to end and locate polished connector end faces. Its red laser shines through most yellow-jacketed optical fibers to help you pinpoint breaks, bends, faulty connectors, splices and other causes of signal loss. It has a reach of up to 5 km. The convenient FLS-140 locates faults visually by creating a bright red glow at the exact location of the fault on single mode or multimode optical fibers. 
Compact Design 
With a pocket-size pen-style design, this visual fault locator can easily be carried anywhere. Thanks to its anodized aluminum casing, this long-lasting and lightweight tool is the complementary tool of choice for any fiber-testing field technician. 
The FLS-140’s extremely high efficiency guarantees prolonged operation with two standard AAA alkaline batteries, typically providing 40 hours of uninterrupted operation. Priced to accommodate the tightest budgets, the FLS-140 is a truly affordable way to locate faults in OTDR dead zones. Its effectiveness justifies purchasing one for just about every fiber technician. 

  •  Bright red laser at 655 nm 
  •  Pulsed and CW operation 
  •  40 hours of operation (typical) 
  •  Standard AAA alkaline batteries 
  •  Pocket-size pen-style design 
  •  2.5 mm universal connector

Part Number: FLS-140